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Learning TDD with fizzbuzz

Testing JavaScript is something all front-end developers should be doing, although for those like myself who come from a design background rather than from programming, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Building a grid using Sass mixins

Whilst on a train yesterday I had some time to spare, so I decided to make my own grid system. To see all the code at once check out the gist, otherwise read on to see how I put it together.

The Boy Scout Rule

Keeping a clean codebase is an ongoing process. We try our best to do things well to begin with, but we’re always going to come across things that we could be improved.

Keeping a debugging journal

Have you ever found yourself trying to debug something that you’ve come across before, but can’t remember how you solved the problem? I know I have many times, so I started a debugging journal.

What are you using?

I just read a post on net tuts called What are you using?. Several front-end developers answered the same set of questions about their setup.