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The importance of raising bugs in open source software

Open source software is great. What makes it great is the fact that anyone can contribute in some way, be it fixing bugs, raising bugs, testing etc. It’s important to remember this when we find problems with the software we use. As users and developers of open source software we have the power to effect change.

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Dealing with mental illness

To anyone who knows me it’s no secret that I’ve struggled with my mental health over the past few years. Until now I haven’t said anything about this publicly. I’m writing this in the hope that it encourages someone who thinks they may have a mental illness to seek help.

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A new beginning (of sorts)

This is that hello world post that people do when they start a new blog, only this isn’t a new blog. I started this back in 2007 although the focus has certainly shifted. It used to be about music and over time morphed into a blog about web development.

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