Steve Rydz

Web developer, photographer and musician

I’ve always enjoyed creating things. From drawing and making toys from cereal boxes as a child, to writing and recording songs as a young adult through to building for the web and taking photographs. Almost everything I do involves making something.

I’m currently working Canonical as a web developer. There I work on customer facing products. I’m very passionate about JavaScript but do realise that it isn’t always the right tool for the job. I take performance and accessibility very seriously and endeavour to incorporate that into my daily work.

As well as being a web developer I also enjoy photography. I consider myself a keen amateur and am inspired by the work of Lee Friedlander, Richard Kalvar, Garry Winogrand and Jeff Mermelstein among others. I take photographs every day and when time allows I can be found wandering the streets of London for hours at a time with my camera in hand.

Before embarking on a career in web development I persued a career in music. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 14 and have been writing songs for almost as long. I used to record on a 4-track in my late teeens to early twenties, and played around the country in bands and as a solo performer. These days my audience is limited to my wife and my cat.

You can reach me by email at or find me on Twitter and Instagram.