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2011 in review

Published on 24 December 2011

So, for me 2010 was an unpleasant year with one false start, two family bereavements and a horrible feeling of stagnation. Because of this, my wife and I were determined to make 2011 our year. Some of the above did spill into the beginning of the year, however it wasn’t long before things started to look up. Although a far more positive year, 2011 wasn’t without its ups and downs, but we made it through and feel all the better for it.

In February I began to take action regarding my employment situation. I had been signed up to various job boards and recruiters databases for a while and to be honest I wasn’t getting anywhere. So, I turned to my blog and twitter for help. To my surprise I received many responses, one which resulted in an interview at an agency in Oxford.

I felt the interview went well and later received positive feedback from them, however it wasn’t to be so I continued my search. Within the next couple of months I was asked by another company in Brighton to come down for an interview. Unfortunately that interview was cancelled the day before as they had already found the right candidate.

By this point I was starting to feel like I was wasting my time, but somehow I didn’t give up. In June I was asked by another company in Brighton to come down for what later turned out to be two interviews. They both went really well but it turned out they were looking for someone with stronger back-end skills. Never-mind.

At the same time, my Wife had applied for a job in London. As it turned out, she loved the place and got the job, so, we jacked in our day jobs and set about moving to London.

Next on the list was finding somewhere to live and finding decent and affordable rented accomodation in London is hard at the best of times. Luckily, my Wife’s new job owned some flats which meant we had somewhere to stay for a few months.

This did leave us with one problem. I now had no job and certainly had no contacts in London. What was I going to do? Well, I decided that I could try my hand at full-time freelancing whilst looking for a more stable job at an agency. Within a month I managed to find the right job and start pretty much straight away.

Next up, our rental agreement on the flat we were in was coming to an end and we were expected to leave by the end of December. We started to get worried as we had been looking at flats since June and still hadn’t found anything suitable that we could afford.

My Wife phoned one of the letting agents we had been dealing with one evening and was taken to see a flat. This had become common practice by this point. When I got home she told me that the place was in the process of being refurbished, was just about within our budget, in the perfect location and was available in two weeks.

By this point we knew we had to act fast so put a payment down immediately, stopping anyone else from viewing the property. The following weekend we met the landlord and saw the progress already made on the property. The first weekend of December we moved in.

So, now would be a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned throughout this year and carry it on into 2012.

For starters I will never hesitate when I want to make a change in my life anymore. We took a massive risk when we moved to London and it really paid off. Of course I’m not saying that taking risks is always going to turn out well but without doing so, you won’t be doing anything.

Secondly, finally working at an agency, I have learned so much already, especially what my shortcomings are and it’s now clear what I need to work on in order to progress in my career.

So what does 2012 hold? I have no idea. All I know is that I’m extremely appreciative of the situation I now find myself in and am looking forward to another great year. I plan to work hard, expand and hone my skills and build my reputation within the web design and development industry.

I’ll take this opportunity to wish all my readers a merry christmas and a happy new year and I hope your 2012 turns out to be great.