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What are you using?

Published on 12 June 2013

I just read a post on net tuts called What are you using?. Several front-end developers answered the same set of questions about their setup.

Whilst I wasn’t part of the article, I still thought it might be interesting to publish what my answers would have been. I'd also encourage other front-end developers to do the same, as it’s always interesting to read about others tools and processes.

What’s your primary development focus? As a front-end developer my main focus is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also work with Ruby and PHP (mostly in the form of WordPress) when I'm building and maintaining templates.

What hardware are you using at the moment? My primary work machine is a 21" iMac. At home I use a 13" MacBook Air. I also have an iPhone 4s and Nexus 7.

Which editor or IDE do you use? Exclusively Sublime Text 2. I love how fast and extensible it is, and every day I learn something new about it.

What software can you not live without on a daily basis? Obviously Sublime Text 2, but I also spend a fair amount of time on the command line using the likes of Git and Grunt, for which I use iTerm2. Other than that, the Chrome Developer tools are increasingly indispensable.