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It’s OK to not know everything

Published on 05 April 2015

Something I wish I’d been told when I first became a web developer, is that it’s OK to not know everything. Understanding that has probably been the biggest hurdle that I’ve had to overcome — and I’m still trying.

When I started building websites, I scraped by, Googling my way out of problems. In many ways it feels as though not much has changed, except I’m better at figuring out what I need to Google for.

For a long time this felt wrong. I’ve learned a lot in my career so far, and therefore don’t Google the same things that I used to, but if I get stuck… Google is still my friend.

I came to terms with this by observing other developers. Since I moved to London I’ve had the chance to work on some very experienced teams, and I found that they are just as quick to Google for help when they get stuck.

So, if you’re new to web development and are feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of things you need to learn, remember, even those who have been around for a while need to look things up. Don’t feel guilty, we all do it.