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My most liked photos of 2020

Published on 26 December 2020

I’m a keen amateur photographer and have been taking photography seriously since around 2015. Most of the time I’ve been taking pictures was spent in central London. This past year has made that impossible and for a while I was a bit lost, not knowing what or where I wanted to photograph.

After going crazy at home photographing objects around the house, I started going on walks within a two mile radius of my home. On these walks I took a small camera with me and documented what I saw. Some of these pictures were later published as a photo zine.

With each walk I published a selection of the photos I took to Instagram. They weren’t always the best pictures, but they were a document of what I witnessed.

As the year is drawing to a close I thought it would be nice to publish the most liked photographs here, and linked to their respective posts.

I find it interesting that the posts with the most likes are not necessarily images that I’m overly proud of. Maybe it’s a matter of taste, or maybe it’s simply that some posts got more eyes on them than others. Either way, I’m proud to present my most liked Instagram photos of 2020.